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An All New State of Liberation!

Welcome to the All-New State of Liberation. Here, you will read the truth about what happens in politics. There will be NO fake news, NO click bait, NO misleading headlines. If you see something written on this site and you feel that it is incorrect or inaccurate, please feel free to question and challenge.

There will be a number of things that will be covered on a regular basis. From World Politics to National Politics and all the way down, we will be scouring the nation for the most breaking and important stories that need an honest view.

You can also look forward to some weekly regularly scheduled programs. Like Tuesday’s Tweet Teardown. Every Tuesday, we will evaluate the tweets from our “Commander-in-Chief” for the week prior. Also, join us for Fight for Freedom Friday. We will take a close look at the fight for civil rights and maintain our constitutional rights.

So be ready for a revolution! And join us as we reveal the truth behind the “fake news”.

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