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An Open Letter to Donald Trump

Dear Mr. Trump,

I write this knowing that there is a 99.6% chance you will never read this. Not because you’re too busy to pay attention to someone with minimal exposure, but because your arrogance prevents you from caring. With that being said, the .4% chance that you will actually read this makes it worth my time to write this. You see, I’m busy too. I’m busy working my full time job that keeps me busy 50 hours a week to provide for mine and my husband’s two sets of twins. We’re a middle class family that works hard, makes a minimal fraction of the money you make and likely pay more in taxes than you do.

The exposure of you not paying federal taxes is the least of your concern, sadly. Above is a small compilation of headlines from the last few week concerning you. There are some not as bad and there are some that are worse, much much worse. The sources of these headlines? They don’t really matter, Google Donald Trump and you will get many variations that all tell the same story- you have no business running for President.Continue reading

American Horror Story: Freak Show Returns

The hit TV anthology series has recently aired two all-new episodes of the Freak Show storyline and no one even notices. The storyline was believed to have ended two years ago but we were shocked to see these two new episodes. In these two special episodes, it features the scary clown that haunts our nightmares and the two-headed lady that can’t seem to keep her story straight.Continue reading

The White Helmets Were Worthy Recipients Of The Nobel Peace Prize

A group of volunteers called the ‘White Helmets’ who risk their own lives to rush into newly bombed areas in Syria to save as many people as they can were candidates in the running for the Nobel Peace Prize 2016. They lost out to the Colombian President who took the prize but their nomination has raised their profile to demonstrate that human kindness prevails even among the ravages of bombs dropped by hostile countries.Continue reading

The American Dream: A Crucial Factor In The Presidential Elections

It remains a mystery to progressives like me and millions of others globally on why Donald Trump is still maintaining a respectable share of the polls ahead of the Presidential elections in November. His opponent, the formidable Hilary Clinton, turned in a super impressive showing at the first Presidential televised debate and has gained a 5 point lead over Trump but this still puts him at 42% according to a CNN poll. Is Trump really the American Dream?Continue reading

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