Being a Hater

I’ve seen some evil people in my time. Part of being an adult is to discern the good from the evil. You have to make decisions about a person based on their behavior, and not hold it against everyone you meet. An abused child has to learn not to hate every adult, because of what one adult did to them. A raped girl has to decide that not ALL MEN are to blame for what that one evil man did to her. It is with this decision that you decide who is really Being a Hater.

You’re Such A Hater

I hear this comment all of the time along with “Stop Being a Hater.” When it is said, I’m caught off guard. Just because I disagree with you doesn’t make me a hater.

I HATE peanut butter, chocolate, ketchup, pepperoni, and all beans. If I’m going with this way of thinking, then you must hate me because you disagree. There are a lot of people out there who must hate me. Also if I see people eating any of those things I should show them how stupid they are for liking and eating them, “proving” that I hate them.

This is completely illogical, ridiculous and frankly stupid.

Along comes Mr. Kaepernick

While I completely understand his problems with how things are, his methods are not the right solution. He is not protesting the flag or the nation, he is protesting against the men and women, black, white, Asian, and any other race, who fought and gave their lives for him. The flag stands for freedom. If he will stand for nothing else, then he should stand for his freedom to protest.

Why is this not the best route to get his point across? Mr. Kaepernick being a quarterback is a leader for his team. With this position comes great responsibility prestige. Why not take this and do something? Why not bring attention to this by actually HELPING those who he is protesting about.

What Mr. Kaepernick can do

Peyton Manning wants to help children who are sick, so he invests in creating a Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis. This was his passion. It was something he truly believed in. So instead of just talking about it, he put his money where his mouth was and DID something about it.

Mr. Kaepernick could create a foundation to help the people who are really being suppressed. He could create a scholarship program for black children who want to go to college, but need help. He could build housing so the single women could raise their children in good environments. He could set up a foundation helping black people get the training they need for higher paying jobs.

These are just a few of the things I came up with from the top of my head.

Being a Hater

I don’t hate Mr. Kaepernick, nor what he stands for. Something DOES need to be done. BUT refusing to stand for the National Anthem is no more than my 3-year-old throwing a fit because she wanted apple juice instead of milk. It isn’t going to do any good. It is only going to have people looking at the fool who only wants to run his mouth instead of actually doing anything.

If he is really interested in seeing change why not take the advice of the great Michael Jackson, “I’m starting with the man in the mirror. I’m asking him to change his ways.”

Why it matters

All his actions are doing is inciting trouble. Leading more people to believe that all black people are hated by white people, when it simply isn’t true. My children are being raised to judge people by their actions, not by their looks. My children have friends of all races. They picked them by how they treated other people not by how they look.

This could lead to even more riots. Just ask the people of St. Louis and Baton Rouge, who locked themselves in their homes in fear. I’m not saying they didn’t have the right to protest, but we have the freedom to PEACEFULLY PROTEST. That doesn’t mean destroying property, stealing, killing innocent people, just because you disagree with something that happened.

What happened to our civilized world? What happened to law? What happened to justice? Apparently when things don’t go our way we should start killing each other like the Hatfields and McCoys?!?


I mean this when I say it. ALL LIVES DO MATTER! Why? Because God created everyone! ALL LIVES MATTER to HIM, and therefore should matter to us.  I hate to see anyone murdered, I don’t care if it is a drug dealer, a child facing cancer, and elderly person, a baby being aborted, or a mother who is leaving her young family behind.  ALL OF THEIR LIVES MATTER!

Why do I say this? Because no one talks about the black people killing each other. No one talks about how many of the aborted babies come from black mothers. No one talks about the children who are hit by drive-by shootings in the bad neighborhoods.

Final Thought

Mr. Kaepernick, I understand where you are coming from, but instead of showing off, DO SOMETHING with your multi-millions of dollars! Be the change you want to see! Show the next generation what it means to make a change.

Like the barber in Louisville, KY who is going around cutting the hair of any homeless person who will let him. There is also the college boy who spent all summer cutting the grass of the elderly free of charge. He finds other young boys who he has come help him. After he graduates in May he is going to start a Not- For-Profit.

What do these two men have in common? Both are BLACK and SERVING. They don’t care if you are white or black. They are going to serve.

I know I’m not the only one who has said something about this, Mr. Kaepernick. Did you even read the Open Letter to you by Officer Amos? People hear you and aren’t impressed.

So Mr. Kaepernick get out there and SERVE instead of just sitting and complaining! If you really want to make the change you seem to desperate to see.

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