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Doctor of a Different Kind: Have Some Compassion

With the heart-breaking and disastrous events that have taken place over the last few years in this country, it seems that so many Americans have lost their ability for compassion. Between the race wars, the police shootings, the riots, and the gay-bashing, we seem to have forgotten how to love our fellow man. This country has slipped into such a state of emotional despair, it seems like we can’t even look at someone without thinking the worst of them right off the bat.Continue reading

Being a Hater

I’ve seen some evil people in my time. Part of being an adult is to discern the good from the evil. You have to make decisions about a person based on their behavior, and not hold it against everyone you meet. An abused child has to learn not to hate every adult, because of what one adult did to them. A raped girl has to decide that not ALL MEN are to blame for what that one evil man did to her. It is with this decision that you decide who is really Being a Hater.Continue reading

An Open Letter To Hillary Clinton

Dear Secretary Clinton,

I have to be honest, the last Democratic Primary I voted for Bernie Sanders. I struggled with the headlines accusing you of being a liar and a criminal. On top of that, Bernie Sanders’ platform was one that I could believe in. But know that I really wanted to pick you. You’ve fought for this for such a long time.

The Primary Election before I voted for Barack Obama. There has never been a President that has inspired me the way he has and continues to do.Continue reading

American Society Should Be More Open-Minded

Open-minded is defied as having a mind receptive to new ideas, arguments, etc.; Unprejudiced.  We are officially under 120 days until 2017. 2017- I can remember being in High School at the end of the 90’s and 2017 impossible to imagine. In our very advanced American Society, you would think we were at a point where racism, discrimination, prejudices, etc would be extinct. It saddens me to say that unfortunately that is not the case. The fire behind these issues still burns strong.

Continue reading

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